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assemblages & improvisations

Barry Brown & Irene Proebsting

e: irene@proebstingdesign.com


Image: Night Projection Window, CCP, 2018
Photo credit: Max M. Richter

INDUSTRIAL NOCTURNE NO. 2, 2016, 6min, Col/B&W, Video.

Screens Feb 1 – Mar 11, Dusk till Dawn, Night Projection Window CCP, 404 George St Fitzroy VIC 3065

Industrial Nocturne No. 2 examines class, identity and ideological fabrication via fractured auras and strategic abstractions and is concerned with (i) the absence of full and meaningful employment (ii) the intransience of capital to formulate sustainable organisational modes and (iii) post industrial alienation.

The video amalgamates archival photographs from the former State Electricity Commission Victoria, Super 8 freeze frames of the decaying (now demolished) Yallourn E Power Station and recent B&W stills of disused power utility infrastructure. The industrial images are augmented by ambivalent agitprop intertitles and miscellaneous snapshots.

The texts are a collage and composite of diffuse narrative elements combining payroll codes, medical interviews, mechanical inventories and polemical slapstick. The uncertain queries, directives and interjections form a sinister inquiry.

Haunted, whimsical and alogical, an oscillating montage of obscure ambiences, (in)discreet didactics & random occlusions. Part hystorical cut-and-paste, part contemporary critique of capital, Industrial Nocturne No. 2 unfolds at the interstices of documentary illusion and absurdist fiction.


POSTLUDE, 2013, 3min, Col, Super 8mm.

Scored for 128 magnetic-tape guitars, an ultra-minimalist exploration of hyper-velocity and abstract consonance.


HARMONIC GHOSTS, 2009, 2:30min, B&W, Super 8.

… where faintly Gothic images brush against each other like dry, blown leaves… Jake Wilson, RealTime

A random montage of otherworldly ruptures and everyday illusions.

abstraction    documentary constructs    
error muzak    inconclusive fiction

Barry Brown and Irene Proebsting have collaborated on numerous analogue and digital media works incorporating experimental audio, photo-media, super 8 film, text and video.

Their cinema and installation pieces utilise a variety of styles and genres ranging from abstract polemics to sci-fi pop noir and feature immersive mise-en-phónics. The sound designs are inspired by and reconfigure early audio mixing techniques, in particular experiments at the transition from mono to stereo.  

Recurring thematic concerns include alienation, ennui, the unconscious, and the everyday.

They are currently interested in two strains of experimental (non) fiction – documentary reverie, and oblique agitprop narratives.


SYNTHETIC PHANTOMS, video work in progress.
Part 2 of an absurdist ambient trilogy examining post-industrial milieus.



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